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Our Breast Prosthesis Store carries only the best technology when it comes to Mastectomy Products and we are very proud to say that we are meticulous when it comes to our Free Mastectomy services: Breast prosthesis fittings (Mastectomy Breast form fittings)

Our Boutique Shop offers the following Products & services:

Post Surgery Camisoles: designed to be very easy to wear and to dramatically help manage your pain during healing. The Post Surgery Camisoles also have provisions for drainage tubes that are often required after surgery. These can be worn 24/7 if desired.


Sleeper Bras: a huge supportive benefit to people during the healing process post surgery, these bras are designed to be as comfortable as possible for Mastectomy clients.  In many cases, women find the sleeper bras so comforting that they wear them all day during the healing stages. All our Mastectomy bras (prosthetic bras), are designed with special pockets to hold breast forms.

Mastectomy Bras: are designed to hold mastectomy breast forms (breast prosthetics) easily. They have built in pockets in the cups for holding them so that they stay in place correctly and out of sight. There are a variety of styles such as front closures to simplify getting dressed - usually immediately after a mastectomy it will be very difficult to put on a bra with clasps at the back!  We also have Mastectomy bras with front magnetic clasps making easier than using hooks.


Breast Prosthesis Balancers, shapers:  We have a wide array of products designed to help return you to your former shape (or better!). We are highly trained and certified by Amoena of Canada and other Mastectomy suppliers.  Using Mastectomy Breast Forms ( Breast Prosthesis), Shapers, Balancers, and other products in conjunction with your Mastectomy Bras, we will ensure that you are restored to your former self, a critical part of your healing process, since your confidence will take a huge leap forward!

Swim Suits:  our Mastectomy Swim Suit line is designed perfectly to hold your breast forms in place (we recommend Mastectomy Swim Forms to tolerate the water better). These Mastectomy Bathing suits are also specially designed to be high enough on your chest to conceal the swim forms, giving you a very natural look - No one but you will know that you have had a mastectomy!

Silhouette Mastectomy Certified fitters provide Meticulous care and attention to detail when fitting Mastectomy Bras and Mastectomy Breast forms.  See our page on our fitting services.

Mastectomy Suppliers: Amoena Canada, American Breast Care, Anita Rosa,  Chantelle.

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