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Bra Fitting Information

Fitting for Comfort

Do your girls hang low, do they wobble to and fro? (You know what we mean!) You need to be correctly supported. Without proper support to protect you, your body will needlessly and prematurely age and sag. Nobody wants that! A truly supportive and well fit bra will make a world of difference and take years off of your appearance.


Remember it’s never too late!

The first thing you need to do is forget any preconceptions you may have about your size. If you haven’t been fit in over a year by a professional fitter (no we don’t mean the ladies handing bras in to you at the big box stores) then it is likely that your size is not what you think it is. You also need to remember that your size will change from one style to another. This all means that in order to look your best, you need professional help.

If you exercise, a sports bra is a must! It all boils down to how you want to look ten or twenty years down the road – Proper protection now is like an investment in your body, maybe the most important one you will make.

The sports bras of today are designed for ultimate comfort and can support large sizes without having to “double up” as many women often do in desperate attempts to achieve proper support. Once again, the sports bras found in the Big Box stores will not provide you with the help you need in one solution.

Do  your Daughters a huge favour!

Get them fitted early in their developing years, We see many young girls running around in flimsy bras, bouncing all over the place - their figures are going to suffer immensely without the proper support. If they are active in sports, this should be the most critical task on your to do list - A sports bra will be the most important protection that they will ever wear – they will thank you 10 years down the road!

What Is the most common reason for an incorrect Bra size? It’s almost always that women think that their size is XX cup and YY band size. Which may be right at some point in their lives, but then their bodies change a bit and their band size changes and they continue to think that their cup size is still XX. Cups of the same letter are different for every band size! A “D” cup in a 32” band is much smaller than a “D” in a 36” band.

Often stores with a small selection of large cup sizes will sell a customer a bra with an incorrectly larger band size to “cheat” up the cup size. The result is certain to produce a very poor fit with a loose band that rides up your back, shoulder straps that fall off, provides very poor support, causes everything to sage and ultimately hurts your back. Get the right size! If you require a 32G don’t settle for a 36D, your body will thank you for it in the long run.

Signs of a poor fit:

The bridge of your bra (V between the two cups) – does not touch your chest

The girls often play “peek a boo” ie. Drop out of their cups

The cup/s are wrinkled or puckered and not smooth and flat

Your shoulder straps keep falling from your shoulders

The band of your bra rides up between your shoulder blades

The band around your back allows more than 2 fingers width between your back and the band

Your breast are bulging over the cups

One breast is lower than the other – this often can be adjusted for with strap adjustments and possibly pads - IT’s NOT HOPELESS!

A well fit bra will significantly help reduce body fatigue, strained or stiff shoulders and take some of the burden off of your back. We can show you how to adjust the various straps and clasps on the band to work best for you and show you how various bras styles make use of shoulder strap padding or other “tricks” to provide you the utmost comfort.

Changes in your weight always affect Bra Size.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that increases in your weight will not affect your breast size. Everything from your monthly cycle, birth control, to pregnancy, or anything else causing water retention or weight gain will likely cause significant changes. While temporary small changes can be lived with by adjusting your current bra, to protect your body, you need to seriously consider a refit for anything more significant.

Most ladies coming in to us for the first time are ecstatic about their new figure when they leave – often their spouses phone or come in and thank us for their partners amazing transformations - often changing from a sagging non-existent figure to a full and shapely one.