The time for a fitting is once your healing is well underway

The time for a fact finding mission is NOW!

Appointments for a Breast Form/Prosthesis are required to ensure we have a fitting room available and sufficient time to do a careful job. 

Please setup an appointment now - Click:     604 541 1007       


“The newest, most innovative Mastectomy products

can help you begin to reshape your life”

Mastectomy Breast Form

Are you tired of feeling self conscious about your post surgery figure? Sick of hiding under baggy clothes and avoiding summer tops? Would you like to feel like yourself again? 


We are so confident that you will be happy with your restored figure, that we guarantee our fit!  If you are not happy within 2 weeks, we will refit you to your satisfaction at no extra charge.

If you want to feel proud of your appearance, smile when you look in the mirror, and re-enter the world full of confidence, call us at:     604 541 1007     


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Silhouette Fine Lingerie Mastectomy Shop

Amoena Mastectomy Bra pocketed

Would you like to restore your figure after surgery and get on the path to feeling great again? 


Please Call Us:  604 541 1007

Our Certified Mastectomy Fitting staff, has helped 1000's of women over the last 20+ years.  We are Competent, Patient and Compassionate.  Our Fitting Rooms are the best - bar none!

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We offer a compassionate and patient Mastectomy fitting, in the privacy of a custom fitting room designed specifically for our Mastectomy clients - twice as big, beautiful décor all behind a Privacy Door without curtains!