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Mastectomy Bra Fitting

Silhouette fits many styles of Mastectomy Bras designed to correctly hold your Breast Forms in place and maximize comfort. 

Our Fitters are highly trained and certified by our suppliers to measure your figure and select bras to work perfectly in harmony with your breast forms.

To begin with, post surgery (4-8 weeks),  you are going to be sore and possibly need drainage.  Mastectomy Sleeper Bras are designed specifically for this stage.  Sleeper Bras are designed for drainage pockets and tubes and are highly comfortable compared to a normal bra. Many ladies like to wear these 24/7 until they are feeling better.  They are slightly compressive to provide a comforting feel.


After the healing stage is well under way,  there are a wide variety of "Standard" Mastectomy Bras to chose from.  Each Mastectomy Bra has it's own set of unique features: Wide straps, Strap options, Soft cup, T-Shirt, Cotton linings, Front Closure, Magnetic Closure, Lace and various amounts of coverage.

Mastectomy Sleeper Bra
Mastectomy Camisole Bra

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