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Mastectomy Bras

Silhouette Stocks a wide variety of Mastectomy Bras, to provide the comfortable fit that you require and to provide unique features that will help you look and feel your best. There are many Styles available:

Basic Mastectomy Bras: are designed to hold Mastectomy Breast Forms (Breast Prosthetics) easily. They have pockets built into the cups for holding them so that they stay in place correctly and out of sight. 

Front Closure Mastectomy Bras:  are designed so that you will not have to reach behind your back to fasten the Bra.  A great aid, especially when your surgery is still fairly recent. There are a few styles of Front Closure Bras:  Clasp and Magnetic

Sleeper Bras: a huge supportive benefit to people during the healing process post surgery, these bras are designed to be as comfortable as possible for Mastectomy clients.  In many cases, women find the sleeper bras so comforting that they wear them all day during the healing stages


Mastectomy Bra Styles:  Molded Cup, Seamless Soft Cup, T-Shirt, Foam Cup Underwire, Camisole Soft Cup, Changeable Strap.

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