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Silhouette Privacy Policy

Silhouette Fine Lingerie makes use of Third-party vendors, including Google and Google Analytics, who use cookies to serve ads based on visitors past visits to our web pages and to collect tracking information about these visitors

We create ads to promote visitors to visit our web site.  We pay to have our Ads show up on many third-party websites, including Google, Facebook, Bing and many other sites.  These third-party sites utilize cookies to select appropriate ads to display.

Silhouette may also use the addresses of visitors to our website for the purposes of creating a list of clients to Advertise to, otherwise known as "remarketing" - this is when Ads are shown to people who have shown a historical interest in Silhouette's web site. 


Silhouette has Google Analytics code embedded within our web pages to allow us to know which pages our customers visit and for how long as well as to collect other information such as what type of device was used to access our web pages (ie.  Desktop PC, Tablet or Smart phone)

If you do not wish to have your information used by us or Google then you can chose to opt-out of Google cookies so that your information is not stored and utilized for the purposes above.  In order to do this you must go to the following google address and follow the instructions to opt-out:

Silhouette does not collect any personally identifiable information about their visitors nor do we sell or provide our email lists to any third-parties.

The information we collect can also provide us information about where our clients are located ie. geographical location such as country.